FAQs & Tanning Myths

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we sanitize our beds after every use?

    • Yes, we sanitize top and bottom acrylics of the beds after each use. Our sanitizer is EPA approved and meets the standards for use in hospitals. The sanitizer is virucidal, fungicidal and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

Will the Versa Pro Spray Tan make me orange or cause streaks?

    • No, the new and improved solution combined with the carefully engineered application process, delivers a flawless bronze tan.

What’s the difference between DHA and Natural Tanning Lotions?

    • DHA Bronzers are known as delayed bronzers and require two to four hours before results are noticeable. They must be exposed to air to develop color through an oxidation process. Results typically last 4 – 7 days.
    • Natural Bronzers are often referred to as immediate bronzers, because they give immediate results that last for 1 – 2  days. They are derived from natural ingredients such as walnut shell extract, coffee beans, caramel and henna.

Will this lotion turn me orange?

    • No, unlike cheap imitation lotions, our products do not turn you orange.

Is there a contract with the membership?

    • No, you are just required to have at least 1 auto payment a month after sign up.  After that, you are free to freeze or cancel whenever you’d like!

Can I change my level of membership at any time?

    • Yes, you are free to upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time.

How old do I have to be to spray tan?

    • While there are no legal minimum age restrictions for spray tanning, our policy requires that anyone under the age of 15 must have a parent or guardian present to directly supervise.

How old do I have to be to tan in a tanning bed?

    • As of September 1st, 2013, the State of Texas raised the minimum tanning age to 18. Anyone under the age of 18 is no longer allowed to tan, even with parental consent.

How long does a spray tan last?

    • On average most spray tans last 5 – 7 days, but with proper care and maintenance they can last up to 10 days.

How do I freeze or cancel my account?

    • Just stop by the salon 2 days prior to your next draft if you wish to freeze your membership. 
    • To cancel, please text us at 254-277-1859 at least 5 days prior to your next draft.  Do not assume your account is cancelled if you have not received confirmation from us.
    • Remember, in order to freeze/cancel your account cannot have an open balance and must have drafted at least one time successfully.


Tanning Myths & Truths

Myth: My friend tanned for the full time so I should too.

    • Truth: Everyone’s skin is different! Many factors such as previous tanning experience and ethnicity will affect your skin’s ability and requirements to achieve the perfect tan. When you visit our salon, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you to determine the perfect amount of tan time during each session.

Myth: I get darker without a lotion.

    • Truth: While this may be what you initially see after tanning, we can assure you that tanning without the proper lotion is never a good idea. Professional quality lotions are designed to enhance and extend your skin by providing it with much needed moisture and nutrients. So why do you sometimes tend to appear darker after tanning without lotion? The simple answer is dehydration. Tanning without the proper lotion causes the skin to dehydrate, making it appear darker for a VERY short amount of time. This is why leather looks darker than skin. This is not considered a real tan (one that develops from Melanin being produced by cells in the skin). Rather, it creates a more leathery, damaged, and flaky appearance than a healthy natural one. You can easily see why this practice will not only lead to a tan that will not last but will also result in unwanted damage to your skin.

Myth: My burn will fade into a tan.

    • Truth: When you develop a sunburn, the color that you see is a result of damage to your skin. When you develop a true tan it is because of the production of melanin by your skin’s cells. Nothing about damaging your skin with a sunburn will produce this melanin. In fact, developing a sunburn will actually STOP your skin’s production of melanin. So, when you see a sunburn you are seeing damaged, dehydrated skin that will not lead to melanin production. Protect your skin with lotion and allow our highly trained staff to help you determine the perfect tanning time to help you achieve a gorgeous glow, minus the unhealthy burn.

Myth: My eyes are protected, as long as I keep them closed.

    • Truth: Your eyelids are capable of blocking out less than 20% of UV light! This means that if you are relying on that super thin skin to protect your beautiful eyes, you are still exposing them to over 80% of UV light and that is just not okay. It’s easy to protect your eyes at Tahiti Tan because we always provide you with professional quality goggles. Be sure to use them every time you tan.

Myth: Spray tans will leave me orange and streaky.

    • Truth: Our professional quality spray tans are formulated to give you a gorgeous, natural looking glow with absolutely no orange in sight. Whether you want a light glow or a deep just-came-back-from-the-Bahamas tan, our knowledgable staff can match you with the perfect sunless option to achieve your goals. NOTE: Lotions and oils can block your skin’s ability to absorb a sunless tan- which leads to the dreaded streaks! For a flawless, even tan skip the lotions and oils before you visit. Once your sunless tan has processed for 6-8 hours you can shower and reapply your favorite moisturizer to extend the life of your tan.